Updating the PLN…

MAET Year 1, Personal Learning Network

This is my Personal Learning Network as I see it today:



I have had some of these connections in my personal learning network since starting out as a pre-service teacher. I have only seen it grow rapidly in the last year or so as I have pursued more and more connections online. My desire for a larger PLN has stemmed from frustration. Teaching in a building where I am the only educator in my specific subject area, I lose out on collaboration on ideas from peers in my subject area. Obviously, collaborating face-to-face with my colleagues is invaluable but at times I desire more.

Taking the time to evaluate my PLN today by mapping it out with Popplet, helped me see how much it has grown. I’m proud to say I believe it is heading in the 2013 and beyond PLN direction rather than a 1993 PLN.  I’m going to have to continue to update it as I continue to add to this network. I would love to do this activity with the teachers at my own school because in our MAET group we are all heading in the 2013 direction, I think I would find some teachers still very much in the 1993 PLN category. I look forward to rocking their worlds with new PLN opportunities.

4 thoughts on “Updating the PLN…

  1. Thanks for sharing your PLN, Lauren. I’m excited that you mentioned this is something you would use in your building with other teachers. Do you feel that there are certain technologies that lend themselves more easily to becoming an integral part of making a PLN more 2013 and less 1993? Or is it too dependent on the individual and the context?

    1. I am super excited that I get to reflect on this response now that we have learned about TPACK. I’m leaning in the direction of an answer along the lines that everyone does have a context and individual preferences that surround their PLN choices and that they make their PLN fit their needs. I don’t think that there is any less value in speaking face-to-face with someone over participating in a Twitter chat. What is the goal at that moment of your Personal Learning Network? If it is to get more information on a cutting edge topic then a Twitter chat may be more appropriate. If it is getting advice and support on classroom management from an experienced and trusted colleague then face-to-face may be more appropriate. But then again, as demonstrated with our “Cooking with TPACK” assignment everyone repurposes their tools and in this case their PLN in ways that work for them. Overall, I think there are technologies like Twitter, Facebook, Blogs that would be considered more 2013 and some technologies like e-mail, phone conversation and journals that would be considered more 1993. However, I think it all depends on the goal and whether the technology is helping you reach that goal in the best way or not.

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