RSS stands for WHAT?

MAET Year 1, RSS

RSS is completely new to me. As I admitted on Twitter, when I see the RSS feed icon I conveniently IGNORE it and go on my merry way. Now being given the explanation of what an RSS feed can do and what it is, I am amazed. My unanswered question about “How are all these teachers able to find and post these great articles and resources on Twitter constantly without disregard for sleeping and eating?” has finally been resolved. I too have the power of magically putting forth quality information and resources to the educational community. No more excuses…

I am going to try out Feedly with a few of the language/tech blogs that I check on a weekly basis anyway. I plan on adding from there. It will definitely open up a new world to me as far as how I get my information. I’ve always wanted to stay more informed about news and culture going on currently in Spanish speaking countries so that I can share information with my students. This has been a challenge being as there are so many of them and it is a ton of information to sort through. I think that will be something in the next few weeks I will work on. Will update post on how that goes…

2 thoughts on “RSS stands for WHAT?

  1. I am glad to hear that this question has resolved at lest one of your “great questions…” I think though your statement about sharing resources from your PLN hits the nail on the head with the power RSS feeds have for your and your PLN. I wonder if you could have a class RSS feed to use current events in Spanish Speaking countries, this could be a great way to give your student’s learning a face.

    1. Perfect Idea! Is there a way your RSS feed can be filtered? I think it is an awesome idea, I just worry about inappropriate news topics popping up for the little ones.

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