Networked Learning Project Journey Part #1

MAET Year 1, Personal Learning Network

I’m going to attempt to learn a new skill.8754295763_73153462c9_b

Using only online sources?

This will be interesting. I narrowed it down to driving a stick shift car or speaking French. Somehow I ended up being the only one in my family to miss the stick shift skill. However, the practicality of learning how to drive a stick shift using only online sources has me thinking it may not be the most logical.

My husband and I are huge tennis fans. It is how we met and something we get super excited about. We have attended the US Open and loved it. It is on our list to in our lifetime attend the Australian Open, Wimbledon and the French Open. Being the language and culture enthusiast I am, I would feel utter remorse if I did not put some effort forth in basic communication skills and cultural knowledge before I traveled to France. It is our goal to one day get there, so it has been on my list of things to do to try to learn basic conversational French and a few common things about French culture.

I’m hoping I have better luck than Joey did:

I do have a background in Spanish, another romance language, and I expect to make connections but I kid you not with this list of my personal French vocabulary:oui, C’est la vie, au revoir, baguette :), bon voyage 

I’m going to start checking out a couple of specifically “Learn to Speak French” forums to see where most beginners are advised to start! So far I’ve subscribed to The French Language Forum  and The French Language Forum @  I also plan to use WordReference Forums as I have used them for Spanish help.

Six weeks from now I will be able to greet you flawlessly in French and hopefully ask where the bathroom is among other things…

3 thoughts on “Networked Learning Project Journey Part #1

  1. I think learning to drive a manual transmission does have great practicality, although I do have some bias being that I own a car with a manual transmission. I do though like your reasoning and rationale for learning French. I like that you have already found a couple of online discussion forums to assist you, have you had luck in finding any YouTube videos as of yet? I look forward to reading more about your progress in the coming weeks. For your post on July 6, please include links/videos to the resources you have utilized this far in class.

    1. Oh goodness- Driving a stick absolutely has practicality! I meant it wasn’t practical in the sense that it is difficult to learn to drive a stick shift without an actual person in the car with you giving feedback and help. I am sure that I will find a plethora of YouTube videos- I was actually going to check out the forums first and see if they had any recommendations of videos to use before I just dived in. Look out for my next post, it is going to be stuffed full of good stuff. Or just me butchering some French. Thanks again for your feedback.

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