Let’s Get Personal…with our blog design

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So I was struggling with my WordPress theme and making it reflect more of my personality. I will be stuck with it for the next three years so I should be happy with it! I would never be one to leave something plain and  in life and the same goes for my blog. I’m not particularly artistic but definitely crafty and creative. My frustration with WordPress settings actually drove me to switch to using Weebly for my school site this year.

I sat down this weekend to begin my readings being the responsible student that I am 🙂 and I could not take it any more. Something had to be done about the visual appeal of my blog before I could add any more posts or pages! Don’t you worry. I got my homework done too.

I have always wondered how everyone makes their blog so beautiful and unique with these images, headers and posts that are modern and professional. So I put aside the readings to delve into LearnWordPress. In the chaos of the new school year, I had never actually taken the time to read this when I started using WordPress two years ago. I reflect now on how silly that was and how incredibly useful I think this resource is. It is full of all sorts of suggestions and things I would not have ever thought of as a beginning blogger otherwise. It was here in the “Get Configured” section that I learned about adding a custom header or background! Ta-da! Finally, somewhere I could put a little something special.

In my searching, stumbled upon this blog posting by Something Swanky about Creating a Custom Header using PicMonkey and followed her awesome directions to create a custom image using the PicMonkey website. The PicMonkey website is free (there is an upgrade available) and does not require any registration! You can create custom images with text and give it all sorts of different effects. You can even drop in your own photos and customize them. So check it out MAETers so you too can personalize your blog and then get back to the critical thinking 🙂

I will be using PicMonkey again to create custom images and maybe even change my header if I’m not happy with it in the next few weeks. But now I know that the option is there! It is a breath of creative fresh air in the default blog settings.

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