Reading Presentation 6/25/13

Learning, MAET Year 1, Maker Movement

Reading Presentation

All resources can be accessed via the notes section of this HaikuDeck.

HaikuDeck Presentation

Has the Internet changed the way we see? Here’s what we think.

Does the Internet make us nicer? Here’s what we think.

Reflection on “Replacing Experience with Facsimile” and “I am Realizing How Nice People Can Be”

The essays Replacing Experience with Facsimile by Eric Fischl and April Gornik and I am Realizing How Nice People Can Be by Paul Bloom open up new perspectives on the power of the internet.  While also looking at the maker movement and remix culture we see that “false illusion of knowledge and experience” (Fischl and Gornik) has occurred while also a level of production, creativity, and emerging ideas not imaginable before.  Similar to professional athletes making their chosen sport look easy, the internet also often has the same effect.  Fortunately, somebody else on the internet has usually had the same problems as you and has posted a solution to the problem on the internet.  Paul Bloom claims that the internet has made people nicer.  I think this point is especially interesting because in schools we often focus on the issues of cyberbullying and the negative outcomes of the internet while disregarding the positive.  I was babysitting one night and the mom had bought an OtterBox for their iPad.  She and her son could not figure out how to put the OtterBox on the iPad and there were not any directions.  After about five minutes of failed attempts I got on my phone and Youtube’d “how to put an OtterBox on an Ipad.”  After about another five minutes of video watching, the eight year old and I had successfully ensured that the next time he dropped the iPad a shattered screen would (hopefully) not be the result.  People are becoming more and more willing to share their advice on the internet.  Through a Google search one can find most answers to any question or problem they pose.  Some of these solutions might be help forums, videos, blogs, or instructional manuals.  If you are looking for a recipe online the comments usually offer up great advice of tweaks to make that dish more enjoyable.

The maker movement and remix culture are essentially the internet come alive – they are innovative creators and helpers.  They share their experience and expertise.  They are excited to create new things and share with the world.  They are learners.  They are teachers.  They are a self-correcting and peer-editing culture.

Written collaboratively with Teaching with Miller

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