Chopped Revisited

Learning, MAET Year 1, TPACK

Chopped Round 1

Content: “A Small Price to Pay” by Stephen Kosslyn

Technology: Montage

Pedagogy: Chef’s Choice (Whatever means necessary)

FINISHED DISH: Completed Montage

Chopped Round 2

Content: “A Small Price to Pay” by Stephen Kosslyn

Technology: Whiteboards and Whiteboard Markers

Pedagogy: Create a visual image



I feel like my groups were pretty successful in both Chopped rounds. Maybe we would have made it to Round 3 for dessert?

These Chopped activities were useful in seeing that despite different pedagogy and such completely different technologies we could still create something meaningful. It forced me to recognize my own pattern of thinking as we reflected on things that were positive and negative about using each technology. I know that I personally have gotten caught up in “chrono-centric” mindset and focused more on the technology and how I can mold what I am doing to fit that specific technology. I now recognize that the focus should and CAN as Dr. Mishra(2012) says be on what we “…want our students to learn and how that learning is going to happen” (p. 14) rather than letting technology dictate learning.

Obviously, these Chopped assignments also tie in with our “Cooking with TPACK” repurposing activity as well. I appreciated the opportunity to actually see the TPACK theory in action as we were doing these activities and being able to note the differences in learning. I think many teachers resist “technology” on the basis that they do not realize the tools they use on a daily basis like whiteboards, crayons, ect. are forms of technology. I think if all teachers approached new technology with the TPACK model in mind, they would enjoy and want to continue using it as opposed to getting frustrated and giving up.


2 thoughts on “Chopped Revisited

  1. I like your idea of dessert! I love how your recognized that you have been a part of the “chrono-centric” myth, and how this application has helped you shift your way of thinking from the technology to the outcome or learning of the student. I would have liked to see you reflect a little further about how you have seen activities like the Cooking with TPACK assignment put the TPACK theory in action.

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