Popcorn Maker

Conference Proposal, Learning, MAET Year 1, Video

We were given a pretty limited time to explore Popcorn Maker today. Despite having a pretty decent background in video editing, the new tool kind of threw me for a loop. The creations and features are really cool but I don’t think I was completely vested 100% in figuring it out today. Our conference proposal group worked collaboratively to create a video on Popcorn Maker to spark interest in our conference proposal and to embed (*fingers crossed*) on our website. We found a YouTube video of a toddler using an iPad that perfectly illustrates how we sometimes feel as teachers implementing technology in the classroom. There are ups and downs and the downs just make us want to SCREAM!

We discussed that some of the features of Popcorn were not the most user friendly (i.e. having to enter separate text boxes every time you want a new font size). Overall, it was relatively easy to compile our video with pop-ups, video and text. We did not add any additional audio but maybe it would be beneficial to add some to the beginning and end for a little extra spark if we have time.

I personally had fun playing with Popcorn Maker having it spark ideas as to how I could use it in my Spanish classroom. I use music and music videos all the time and it would be awesome to be able to point things out within the video with pop-ups or text. It would be awesome to have my students create a Popcorn Maker and just illustrate the meaning of one Spanish vocabulary word using all the different resources. I love that you can add a Twitter feed as well even more examples of authentic language that I would not normally be able to get from a preset video.

Here is our video:


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