Getting Things Done

Learning, MAET Year 1, Organization

 I am most interested in the organize portion of the “Getting Things Done”. I have no trouble collecting and processing, but I think the most difficult is organizing all that information. So for that reason, I explored some organize focused tech tools.


I DESPISE looking at multiple calendars. I tried out Apple Calendar to tie my calendars together on my iPhone, iPad and MacBook. The problem my husband and I ran into was that Apple Calendar is not multiple user friendly and you have to tie all of your devices together in the cloud. He could not with his Apple id access my calendar, which was under my own Apple id. He came across a calendar app called Cozi that I love. I believe the complete app costs $2.99 and can be shared throughout multiple devices. I have it on both my iPad and iPhone and my husband has it on his iPhone. Both of us can add, edit and change events but everything is on one calendar!

Cozi also includes reminders options, to do lists, shopping lists and birthday calendars. Though unfortunately at the moment, you can export and import to Google Calendar but this app does not allowing for syncing with Google Calendars. It appears they are working towards adding this feature though. For now and for my purposes of combining professional and personal affairs into one calendar it works just fine!


 I’ve heard of Diigo multiple times and wanted to learn more about it. I explored it today and was turned off instantly when the educator upgrade would not accept my school e-mail address because it is not a public school e-mail address. But now that I have been playing with Diigo, I wish I would have explored this website about two weeks ago. This tool is exactly what I was thinking I needed as I read a website on my iPad and then found myself taking notes on my MacBook so I didn’t have to flip back and forth. Diigo could have allowed me to take notes and highlight within the webpage itself. It has an easy tab that you install in your bookmarks toolbar that allows you to instantly access the tools on any webpage. It also includes a library of your bookmarked pages on your homepage in Diigo. I believe however taking a quick peek at EverNote that it may offer a more comprehensive scope of organizing materials. When I have more time, I will check out EverNote and compare!

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