Problem of Practice (Well-Structured & Ill-Structured)

MAET Year 1, Tech Tools, Wicked Problems

Yesterday, we focused on two topics that we currently teach, one being a well-structured problem and the other an ill-structured problem. We then had to choose digital technologies to support the learning of these two problems.

My Well-Structured Problem: Spanish Subject Pronouns

Tool to photo(14)Address Well-Structured Problem: MentorMob

I discovered this tool during our “Speed Dating: Ed Techie Style” activity.

MentorMob allows you to create a “learning playlist” of websites, videos, GoogleDocs and multiple choice quizzes in a step by step format. This could be embedded in a website and given as an assignment or just as differentiation for those who need extra support. It has the multiple choice quiz feature for students to determine whether they have mastered the material.

My Ill-Structured Problem: Oral Reading Fluency in Spanish

Tool to Address Ill-Structured Problem: PodOmatic

This tool allows students to create a podcast. Among almost endless possibilities, students could read aloud and record a piece that we read in class, a reading of their own choice or a project that the student wrote themselves. Because it is a podcast, they can then listen to other students and critique or self evaluate their own reading fluency.

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