Creating a Student Maker Space

Maker Movement, MakerEd, MakerSpace, STEM

As part of a 20% time project, I decided to pursue my interest in developing student Maker Spaces. It just so happened that our main tech offices are moving to a new space and small space then has opened up attached to the library that I could create a student Maker Space. I have been doing some research and had an awesome visit and tour through Ann Arbor Maker Works. Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 8.08.07 PM


Obviously, there are tools that are not cleared for use with fourth and fifth grade student use but it was great to get an idea of how a true MakerSpace functions. A MAET alum and MSU Urban STEM professor Candace Marcotte

took some time out to do a Google Hangout with me and discuss how she has been transforming her Tech Club into an after school MakerSpace. She shared some really great ideas about what materials to start off with and how to structure the meetings. I was excited to hear that her work with the program stemmed interest from teachers who are now using the space with their students. That would be my end goal- to create an engaging and inviting space that could be used for interdisciplinary projects and fosters 21st century skills.

As the tech team transitions into their new space, I am looking forward to finding supplies to get our Maker Space up and running! Pictures to follow of what we end up with and how we shape our space!

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