CEP 813: Assessment and CMS

Assessment, Google Classroom, Google Forms, MAET Year 3

This week I created an assessment for the online course module that I am designing for administrators called Innovative Leadership. I needed to design some assessments that would measure the objectives for the first module of the course. The first module of the course is focused on increasing communication using Google Tools. Because of this objective and because the administrators that the course is designed for are part of a Google Apps for Education school district, I chose to use Google Classroom for my content management system.

The assessment itself is a portfolio artifact submission and reflection created using Google Forms. The purpose, audience, professional standards, and more details about this assessment are viewable in the following screencast: http://www.showme.com/sh/?h=mblc0ae

One thought on “CEP 813: Assessment and CMS

  1. Hi Lauren, I enjoyed watching your CMS Assessment screencast. The module is very relatable for me as part of my role is also to support educators in their professional development related to technology. For several reasons I like your choice of CMS. Thanks to your district being part of Google Apps for Education, the integration is wonderful and there is a low barrier of entry. Google docs, sheets, slides and forms are amazing tools, especially for education, so I like that your assessment takes Google Classroom and brings together the option of using all the Google tools. I wonder what the skill level is of your learners and if they are given resources to support their interactions within the CMS and this specific assessment. The you see any barriers or possible complications here? I like the focus on the individual artifacts and giving learners an opportunity to think deeply on how and why they created specific artifacts. With this, I wonder if learners are encouraged and/or shown how to combine the artifacts to create a completed portfolio. Is the assessment more a focus on the creation of individual artifacts or does the assessment end with bringing them all together to create a shareable portfolio? You have done great work here and I can see great value in this assessment. I hope my comments are helpful when you begin thinking about the next revision. —Andy Greger

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