CEP 813: Portfolio Self-Assessment

Assessment, Digital Portfolios, MAET Year 3

The piece of work that I am most proud of from the CEP 813 course is my Formative Assessment Design. This assignment was submitted and given instructor feedback three separate times throughout the length of the course. I found a ton of value in having an extended time to create something, walk away and then return to it with fresh eyes and fresh ideas for making it better. Being able to create this assignment in three installments allowed me to take time to reflect on each of the key understandings that I needed to demonstrate within it. I was provided feedback in the form of comments within my document from the instructor each time that it was submitted that challenged my arguments and thinking in my design rationale. We were also asked to publish this particular assignment in our digital portfolios for each submission date despite their draft form for the initial two posts. This allowed us to have an authentic audience to view and comment on our work and was motivation to submit high quality work. The assignment itself was both applicable to real-life in my current context and to the Digital Assessment course and lesson objectives.

One take away that I have from this experience is that providing an extended period of time encourages and fosters deeper thinking. If our goal is for students to demonstrate mastery of a curricular concept, then we have to be aware that the complexities of mastery can not be displayed through just the lens of a timed multiple choice test. Another is that providing multiple opportunities for feedback and the ability to submit a continuously improved product allowed me to actually confront and begin to address any misconceptions or misunderstandings that I had about the content. True misconceptions are very difficult for learners to correct especially in a short time frame. If I had only been able to submit this assignment one time, I would not have had the chance to make many of the connections that I did within the course of the second and third revision.

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