Current Work

I’d love to share some examples of current and past projects that I have collaborated with awesome teachers and students to create!

Explain Everything App

My current favorite app is Explain Everything because of its versatility! It allows for images, videos, audio, drawing and typing and can be adapted for many different classroom purposes and tech availability.

Ms. Ervin’s fourth grade class at Heritage school has two classroom iPads. They worked together to make connections between Geometry and real world items. They took pictures at home of a geometric shape that they found any where in their environment. They uploaded the pictures to Dropbox, choose their favorite and created a class slideshow that discusses the different geometric shapes they encountered in every day life! Check it out below:

In Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Kargel’s first grade Next Gen rooms at Woodland Meadows students are using Explain Everything to publish their written work. We worked in small groups to take pictures of their illustrations and then record them reading their writing! They are then learning how to upload them to ThreeRing to add to their digital portfolios.

Designing Collaborative Spaces

We took a trip to IKEA today to find furniture ideas to design two collaborative spaces at Woodland Meadows along with finding some key pieces for some Next-Gen classrooms. We needed to find furniture that is easily moveable but comfortable. We want it to be bright and inviting and allow for easy small group or pair work.


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