Portfolio 2 Page

Passion Quotient & Curiosity Quotient

Below is a personal reflection on Thomas Friedman’s article “It’s P.Q. & C.Q. as Much as I.Q.” and communicates the ways I bring passion and curiosity to my work as an educator as well as the important role technology plays in the process. As I identify focuses for my work in the future, I keep in mind…

Wicked Problem of Practice: Failure as a Learning Mode

Allow failure to be as powerful a learning mode as success. In collaboration with my colleagues, I addressed the Wicked Problem of Practice below to justify the need for failure as an accepted and expected learning mode. We communicated our thoughts about the current constraints and affordances of failure as a learning tool and shared…

“Understanding Understanding” Video Research Project

In collaboration with my colleagues and our research contributors, my colleagues and I created a video research project exploring the many misconceptions of sound.  We had to communicate and illustrate our findings within the video you see below with our analysis, resources and research housed on our Understanding Sound website. We had to think critically about what…

3x3x3 Videos

In collaboration with my colleagues, I was challenged to synthesize the key ideas in Chapter 3 and Chapter 7 of Why Don’t Students Like School? by Daniel T. Willingham. These chapters were titled “Why Do Students Remember Everything That’s on Television and Forget Everything I Say?” and “How Should I Adjust My Teaching for Different Learners?” which focused…

Bridge Webinar Series: Intellectual Property & Copyright in the Classroom

MAET The Bridge Webinar Series: Social and Ethical uses of Technology: Intellectual Property and Copyright in the Classroom Please click here for a full blog post description of the webinar creation process and resources. In collaboration with my colleagues and some esteemed guests, I helped to create and host a webinar on a key topic in…

Dream IT Grant Proposal

DreamIT: A Technology Based Grant Proposal for Transformative Learning Please view my complete proposal here: DreamIT Technology can be extremely powerful in education when used and applied as a tool to create purposefully and meaningfully designed learning experiences. So why then are there still so many teachers not engaging with technology in the classroom or…

Innovative Leadership: Online Course Module

Today’s demands on school administrators create a tightly packed daily schedule, which makes it very difficult to find time to attend trainings or traditional face-to-face courses for professional development. However, it is essential that administrators have opportunities to continue to learn throughout the school year especially when it comes to the ever changing world of…

Assessment & Digital Tools: An Infographic

Click here for the interactive version of this infographic. I created this infographic to address the tendency for educators to stick with what they know when it comes to assessment tools. Although many educators utilize Google Forms, they rarely think critically about how else the tool could be used beyond the traditional quiz. My goal in…

Hackathon For Public Good

As part of our Mini Maker Camp series, Ferndale Public Schools hosted a Hackathon For Public Good for 6th through 12th grade students. Students participated in a Learnathon in the morning where they used Mozilla Thimble to create interactive postcards, websites and more using basic coding skills. In the afternoon, students were introduced to some…

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